Are you mothering yourself?

Maybe every now and then you get out and have a dinner with friends, or browse TJ Maxx when you can break away on a Sunday afternoon. But what if I asked you to tell me more about yourself? Are you taking care of your health? What about your mental health? I’m not just talking about self-care here…I’m talking about the big picture. Sure, it would be nice to lose a few pounds or get your hair done – but what about how you FEEL?

When I ask a mom how she feels – the answers are usually “tired, busy, overwhelmed or stressed,” with an occasional “blessed.” I know you feel blessed…but that doesn’t have to discount the other stuff you feel. I want to talk about the hard stuff. I want you to ask the hard questions. There has to be a place where we can ask the hard questions! So many women, especially mothers, do not know how to take care of themselves. So many of you forget that you matter. We have to love ourselves enough to mother ourselves, too.

No one else is going to love you like you can. No one is going to advocate for you like you can. And no one is going to mother you, better than you can.

I don’t know what you are facing in your life, but I know if you’re a mother…NO…if you’re a WOMAN you are nine times out of ten NOT taking care of yourself through it like you would take care of someone else. You need more. You need to take the earplugs out of your own ears and WAKE THE HECK UP. We have to learn to have autonomy over our own bodies, our own minds and our own lives before we will ever have peace. If you don’t stop worrying so dang much about everyone else around you and start worrying about yourself – life is going to pass you by and it will be TOO LATE.

We come from a long line of women who walked the plank for us. Regardless of your background or where you come from – the women before you lived their lives so that you could live a better one. When did it become the norm to merely survive? Girl, you are here to THRIVE.

When did we stop listening to our intuition? When did we stop believing in ourselves?

  • If you want to work – find a way to work that fits in with your life!

If you’re unhappy with your body, move it more in a way that makes you happy!

If something hurts, listen to the message your body is sending you!

If you don’t feel good, ask for answers. If one doctor doesn’t help you, find another one!

If you feel depressed or anxious, change your normal behaviors, rock the boat, change your scenery and never. stop. seeking. happiness!

If you feel overwhelmed, ask for help!

If you feel busy, change your schedule!

If you feel tired, put down the phone and go to sleep earlier!

If you feel lonely, reach out to an old friend or new one for the company you desire!

More than anything, I want you to know that there is an overwhelming power inside of you. Seriously! Women are so so so tough. We know things. We sense things. We feel things. We’ve just lost the ability to listen. I promise you, there is zero good that will come from doubting yourself, berating yourself or denying yourself. The peace you seek…it starts when you learn to love yourself.

Ladies…you are it. You are capable. If you’re a mom, you are a good one. You deserve to be mothered by you, too.

You are so worthy,

❤ MA

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