As Mothers, we are Called to be Leaders

“There is no greater threat to the critics, cynics and fear-mongers, than a woman WILLING TO FALL, because she has learned HOW TO RISE.”    – Brene Brown

mother and daughter on grass

Mama, you are called to be a leader. You are called to be a leader to your children. Children learn more from what you do than what you say. Those little eyes and ears are silently absorbing life as they see it. The good and the bad. And it should be that way. Children shouldn’t live in a bubble of perfection. If we are constantly pretending to be perfect or always have things together, our children may subconsciously suppress their own emotions and needs too. A habit and trait that grows and festers over time. As mothers we are called to be loving, honest, nurturing and strong. We are called to lead from our truth in the face of reality. We are called to be resilient, but human.

Do you have big dreams for your children? Big ideas of what you want them to be when they grow up, how well they will succeed and what kind of life they will live. Do those ideals reflect in your own life? What is that saying to your children?

“I want you to have success, but I can’t.”

“I want you to go after what you want in life, but I don’t know how.”

“I want you to be happy, but I’m not.”

Mama, we are called to be leaders. Leading is a skill that is inherent and also learned. We are naturally able to lead our children in some ways, and we must learn how in others. Each child is unique and will ask different things of you. You must know that you are the best mother for them. You are given the children you have because you are the one called to be their mother.

To be great leaders, we must be resilient. Resiliency builds up over time in our lives as we face adverse and difficult situations. Every relational pain, every embarrassment and every heartache we have experienced has taught us something. The biggest lesson always learned – how to get back up again. You are here because you survived. You survived all the hard things in your life up until right now. Your character was built in those hard times and will continue to build. We must realize that is also going to be true for our children. The falls are inevitable. The very best that we can give them – is a resilient mother who knows how to rise again when she falls.

woman surrounded by sunflowers raising hand

You are able. You are resilient. You are worthy.

<3, MA

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