Have we lost the sisterhood in motherhood?

There’s no ‘hood’ like ‘motherhood’, am I right?

The days are long, but the years are short. Why do you think we see so many memes joking about the trials, praising the wine and laughing through the exhaustion, as we scroll through our feeds? Motherhood is HARD! It’s okay to think its hard. It’s okay to think you aren’t doing it right or that you must be missing something. Did you know the rest of us are thinking the same freaking thing?

There’s power in numbers, mamas. We have lost our sisterhood in motherhood. Way back in history when people lived in villages, women united together when a mother was born. She birthed the baby, but they helped birth a mother. Women entered motherhood supported, loved and fully embraced. This support that was poured into her then flowed out during her motherhood journey and into the hearts of her children and the mothers that followed. We are so powerful alone. But we are even more powerful together.

We have to stop comparing. You are you and I am me. We mother in our own ways, yet we are the same. We are part of a tribe. A tribe of women who have in every way sacrificed something of themselves to give life to another human being. We should be celebrating that! We should be celebrating each other!

Together we are powerful.

Together we are are supported.

Together we are motherhood.

Mamas, I bring this post from a place within me that aches for this sisterhood. I am guilty of comparison, too. My perfectionism often pushes me to act prideful instead of humble. What if we just sincerely quit acting like we have it all together? It’s okay to strive for goals, achievements and success in life and in motherhood. Let’s just quit hiding the struggles and trials along the way. The more you try to bury and hide those feelings of inadequacy, failure and messiness – the more they are going to show up in other ways. Ways that prevent you from ever feeling content or happy. We find sisterhood by sharing our stories with each other!

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi

Share a real life post this week. Reach out to a mama friend and ask her how she’s doing. Meet one (or three) of them for coffee and look them in the eyes! I challenge you to talk about real motherhood with someone. Reach out to me. Reach out to a friend. Reach out to your own mother. How much time would you have, if you weren’t spending it on masking the things about yourself you feel aren’t perfect? Throw the mask away, mama. We’ve got you.

<3, MA

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