Living in Alignment with your Authentic Self

“Living your purpose is about being in alignment with your best and most authentic self, every day.”

You know the old phrase “finding yourself?” Have you ever really thought about it? Maybe you went off to college, traveled to a foreign country (or a couple cities over) or began a career to ‘find yourself.’ Or maybe you married and started having kids right away – because being a mother was who you always wanted to be. The paths you have taken in life are often subconsciously chosen by you as well as influenced by your upbringing and society. Sometimes your parents influence your path. Sometimes you rebel against them and take the road your friends are taking. So many of us take the paths we are on because that is just what makes sense at the time. The problem is, most of us never really stop to think about what it all means and whether it’s really right for us.

My focus word this year is ALIGNMENT. The first step to living in alignment with who you truly are – is awareness. Look at all the facets of your life. The roles you play: mother, wife, daughter, employee, sister, friend…can you say that you are living those roles exactly as you imagined or feel you should? Or does something feel off? Or like something isn’t right or it’s missing? Maybe you aren’t living in alignment with who you want to be in your life. Maybe it’s one role or maybe it’s all of them. Your inner voice will tell you what is missing if you just stop and listen. Let her speak! If you continue to push your true self aside, you will never find happiness. True fulfillment can only be obtained when you align those roles with who you are in your SOUL. As I love to say – you have to find what sets your SOUL ON FIRE and light that fire over and over again.


How do you find what alignment means for you? Well, this takes a little soul searching, mama. Spend a little time with yourself and your thoughts. Put the kids to bed, turn off the TV and curl up with your journal & a cup of tea. It may be hard to find the time but if you look hard enough – it’s there. You have to give yourself the gift of time. There is nothing more rewarding! I’ll fill you in on the areas that I am working on finding true alignment within my own self – feel free to use these as prompts in your own search.

  • Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health & Me Time
  • Spirituality
  • Passions & Gifts
  • Business
  • Motherhood
  • Marriage
  • Household

I wrote down what I would ideally like to be doing in each category this year and what I want to improve upon. You can even break it down into 3 broader categories to start – BODY, MIND and SOUL. I plan on looking at these areas each week during my morning journaling and working on them all year long. If you don’t write them down and plan a certain time of the day, week or month to look at them – they won’t happen! I do not want to be sitting here in January 2020 with the same goals, desires and alignment missing in my life. I know you don’t either!

When we are more aligned with our true self we are then able to find our purpose in the world. Our purpose in the world can actually change and improve the world we live in and the world our children will live in. We all want our kids to be happy. We want them to have big dreams and goals and achieve greatness. They will learn so much more from our example than our words. Live your life in alignment with who you really are, and there is where you will find your light, mama.


Shine on loves,

❤ MA


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