The Power in Sharing Your Story

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”
– Maya Angelou

We each have a story inside of us. Some of it can be seen, but often most of it is untold. No one can see life quite like you. Your childhood, your experiences, your knowledge and your values all contribute to your own unique place in this world, and the perspective you view it with.

But there is power in your story, too. There is wisdom passed down from generations, that only you have known. There is deep emotion from life experiences, that only you have felt. There are lessons learned from hard times, that only you can teach. There is truth within your story, that only you can tell. What if you could impact someones entire life with ONE LINE of your story?

By sharing our stories, we can build deeper connections with other women. We can strengthen our sisterhood and our motherhood. We can lift up each other up. Or we can learn to celebrate our own achievements by celebrating those of others. There is power behind sharing, and I believe it is what is missing in motherhood today.

Why are we constantly comparing ourselves to others? Because we see their highlight reel and not their whole story. Why don’t we ever feel good enough? Because we don’t share the hard stuff with our friends and family like we used to. There is so much fear in being judged by others. What if we just all admitted that we aren’t perfect? What would happen, if we just accepted that we all mother differently, and that was okay? We let everything else go. We stopped feeling the need to judge someone else’s choices, because we understood each other more. We CAN break these cycles. It’s time to open up and talk about real motherhood. Messy motherhood. Hard motherhood. The joy in motherhood. Our story of motherhood.

What kind of story do you have? We all have something to share. It could be about your journey to motherhood. Your experiences after becoming a mother. Maybe you had a special kind of childhood. Maybe you had something traumatic happen to you that you’re still healing from. Or a health scare. Whatever your story mama, I invite you to share it.

“Do not judge me by the chapter of my story you just walked in on.”
<3, MA

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