Toddler Construction Theme Party


I’m a party gal. It feeds my soul to plan and put on a party. Maybe its the natural hostess in me. Or the people-pleaser. Whatever it is – I own it and sometimes even embrace it! I used to be a Wedding Planner and dabbled in some parties then, too. So, naturally when I had a child – that hosting side of me was excited about throwing birthday parties. The planning part comes easy. It’s like a designer planning room decor – I have to put pen to paper and draw the whole thing out. I hope you enjoy looking through the images from this special day!

His 1st birthday was a Lumberjack theme. I really poured my heart and soul into that one. Last year was an Airplane theme at a really cool airplane hangar! This year we were lucky enough to have family members with a Barn venue and the theme was a Construction Party! Hunter really loves diggers and dozers and his dad works in construction so this party theme was a winner.


I still love a paper invitation. There’s just something about it. Especially these days when the rare piece of mail arrives that isn’t junk mail or bills. But you know who the real MVP is? Facebook. There is nothing better than being able to RSVP with the click of a button – for the party goer AND the party planner.

Hutners Invitation


Y’all. This Barn is stunning. The owners worked day in and day out for many months last year to make this thing happen and the end result is perfection! It will be open as a public venue very soon, so stay tuned if you are dying for the details.

The Barn

Party set up starts at least a day in advance. I plan everything out ahead of time, pack it all in boxes and load my car down (and often some other people’s cars too!). It was definitely nice to have a venue I could set up in the day before and take my time. Once I get there, I have to unpack everything and just let the magic happen!

Now for the reason everyone comes to a party – the FOOD! This year was a lot of fun. The “crew” took a lunch break and chowed down on “Toolbox Tacos”. Tacos are easy, inexpensive and fun for adults & kids to eat. I also threw in a few PB&J’s for those picky little ones…like the (cough cough) BIRTHDAY BOY.

After their lunch break – the crew continued working around the Construction Site. Digging in the sand, building structures, working on machines and playing on the slide.

Snack time! The crew and their parents gather around to sing Happy Birthday and Construct their own Cupcakes!

After dessert we all went outside to put that sugar to use! The kiddos (and some adults!) took pictures on the Skid Steer, fed the chickens and went on a fun hayride!

I was worried I didn’t plan enough for this party. Everything just sort of happened and fell into place once things started rolling. I think I had more fun than the kids. I’m ready for an adult party at The Barn now! After playing outside we opened some presents. Hunter is probably the fastest present-opener I’ve ever seen. The days of writing down names and gifts for Thank You cards are gone for now. I felt like I had ran a marathon after helping him open his gifts!

To end the party we had to have a Pinata! Who doesn’t love to hit something for candy? The kids had fun and it was a great way to end the party.

This year’s party was really a lot of fun! I’m still recovering but it was totally worth it. I want to give a big shout out to all those who helped.

-My mom who is my sidekick and let’s me do me while still helping and maintaining her patience!
-Riverside Landscaping & William Buchanan for bringing the Skid Steer…and cleaning it first!
-The Barn and creators Rick & Debbie Lanford and Steve and Casie Barnwell – not to mention all of the help you guys gave me before, during and after the party.
-Monker Jumpers for always having the best prices on Bounce Houses in town and being so easy to work with.
-Donna Spearman for always capturing photos of my parties.
-Casie Barnwell for her gorgeous and equally yummy cakes & cupcakes.

And of course all of our friends and family who come out to support Hunter and us at these crazy fun parties! Hunter had a blast and loves every single one of his gifts!

Just give this boy a sweet barn cat and his day is MADE!

<3, MA




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