The Comparison Trap

“Stop comparing yourself to someone else. The ONLY person you should compare yourself to, is the person you were yesterday. SHE is your competition.” – MAH

shallow focus photography of woman surrounded by trees

WHY are you making this harder? Your thoughts around who someone else is, what someone else has, or what you don’t have – are what is ruling your life. Stop. Just stop it. Stop scrolling through everyone else’s highlight reel and feeling bad about yourself. Everyone only posts the best stuff they’ve got – me too! That picture that makes you feel bad about your own life is someone else’s final moment. Don’t compare their final moment to your beginning or middle. img_3809-1That perfectly clean house in the background? She just spent 3 days cleaning it between life happenings. The adorable matching Fall outfits on those kids? That mom bribed them with 2 suckers, 5 M&Ms and an hour each on the Ipad for that perfect picture. You don’t know the story. So stop making up one that makes yourself feel bad. You’re telling yourself the story – so tell yourself the whole story and leave the negative self-talk out of it. That’s it. Those thoughts will come in naturally if you’ve always told yourself that story. Just hear them, think “we don’t think that way anymore,” push the thought away and replace it with a better one. The more you do this, the more it will just happen that way.

Girl, life is hard enough. Stop worrying about what other people are doing and look around you. You have amazing things to see right in front of you. If you are too busy worrying why you don’t have what she has, or look how she looks, you’ll miss the chance to see your own worth.

Compare yourself today to who you were yesterday and do better than yesterday. That’s it. One minuscule step at a time towards a better you is all it takes to live in happiness. If you stop focusing on those around you and start focusing on you more, giving yourself what you need, finding gratitude in your life everyday – YOU. WILL. BE. HAPPIER.

You are so worthy mama, 
❤ MA

“A flower does not compare itself to those around it, it just blooms.”

light nature sky sunset

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