My Ideal Morning

Life begins again each morning.

If you’ve landed here because you love to be nosy about what other people do in the morning – you and me both, girl! I get so much inspiration for my own routines when I hear what works so well for others – especially mothers who are living with similar responsibilities. You may have landed here because you just finished reading here about how to create your own routine – I hope you are feeling inspired and ready to start TOMORROW!

This is my “Ideal Morning” mind you – it is what fuels my soul when I can make it happen, but rest assured this is not yet a daily habit – I will keep pushing towards that goal!

5:00 AM – Wake up
Girl, don’t you even think about that snooze button….

5:00 AM – 5:30 AM – Lemon Water, Yoga, stretching, mediation and prayer
Open blinds or step outside to encourage circadian rhythm regulation

5:30 AM – 6:00 AM – Morning pages, Journal, set intentions for the day
I’ll often have two glasses of lemon water to re-hydrate for the day

6:00 AM – 7:00 AM – Shower, makeup, dress for the day
I usually sip on coffee here – just enough to wake me up then I take the rest on the road!

7:00 AM – 7:15 AM – Load my car, walk the dogs and wake the kiddo up
I’m lucky enough most days to be the one waking my son up – there are days that this key detail changes the whole picture!

7:15 AM – Leave house for the day, drop the kiddo off

8:00 – 9:00 AM – Gym

Then I’m off to work for the day. If I have done this Morning Routine – I arrive at work feeling energized, motivated and literally on top of the world. I can feel the difference in my BONES when I have taken the time to be intentional in the morning. It means I get to start my day MY WAY. I get to DECIDE what kind of day I want to have instead of letting the day control me. I get to DECIDE what I need to focus on and set that intention FIRST.

Behold this day. It yours to make.

Black Elk

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