The Perfect Bath

There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.

Sylvia Plath

The perfect bath.

A clawfoot tub with gold feet on a black and white patterned floor, not quite scalding water flowing from a golden long-neck faucet. An open window and sheer white shower curtain flowing in the wind. Whiffs of the essential oils swirling in the bubbles and the vanilla & clove candles burning all around your head.

An outdoor bath in a deep-set wood-framed tub. A blue sky backdrop with sweeping mountain views. Natural scents blowing in the breeze and few little friends with their birds-eye view of all your natural glory amongst their natural habitat.

A tub big enough for ten, candles lighting up all available spaces, swirling colors, bubbles and flower petals adorning the perfect temperature-controlled, continuous fountain of water and a tray of snacks & beverages displayed on a tray stretched across the water.

Close your mouth mama – you’re drooling! I’m guessing any one of those options sounds like “the perfect bath.” It’s probably been a hot minute since you had a hot bath – maybe even way back before the first time you peed on that first stick. If the last bath you drew was for a tiny tot and 47 of his toys – then you just keep reading.

Benefits of a Hot Bath

  • Alone Time – a bath can provide a few minutes to yourself at the start or the end of a long day.
  • Mental rest and restoration – a bath can provide a few minutes of peace to quiet your mind. We rarely get the opportunity to just check out throughout the day.
  • Muscle, joint & bone relaxation – the hot water, oils and salts in your bath can provide your body with pure relaxation.
  • Better sleep – a quiet mind and a relaxed body are perfect ways to start the wind down process before bed.
  • Boost to your immune system – the detoxifying process a hot, salted bath provides can boost your immunity. This is especially true when you are fighting off a cold or other bug.
  • Skin moisturizing and replenishing – a bath prepares your skin to more readily accept moisture.
  • Improvement in blood circulation and heart health – a warm bath yields similar circulation and heart results as a mini – workout.
  • Effortless calorie burn – a bath often induces sweat production much like a mini-workout – hello easy calorie burn.
  • Reduction of Inflammation – a salt bath has been proven to aid in the detoxification process – which lowers the amount of inflammation in your body – it can be especially helpful for those dealing with inflammatory diseases.

The Ultimate Bath Plan

Draw the bath

Set the water at the ideal temperature – not too hot so it doesn’t strip your skin of moisture, pour in the perfect amount of bubbles, toss in a load epsom salt and add in some flower petals, an essential oil mix, a bath bomb or anything extra that you love.

Set the mood

Light an array of candles – big ones, little ones, your favorite scents, dim the lights or turn them off and bring in the glow of a warm salt lamp, queue up your favorite “Chill Mode” playlist – piano or spa music are perfect choices.

Prep your body

Dry brushing before a bath preps your skin for the optimal bath benefits. It removes dead skin, activates your lymphatic system and gets your body into detoxification mode.

Cozy up

Step in to your oasis – for the next 30 minutes or so. Lay back on a bath pillow or rolled up towel. Bring a good book, a glass of wine, a giant glass of lemon water or browse on your phone if you choose – but I recommend closing your eyes and enjoying the moment. There are not many moments during the day you can completely disconnect – take advantage!


As far as skin-care and self-care go – what you do after your bath is just as important as what you do in it. Try letting the the water drain while you remain in the tub. There’s something so mentally freeing about letting your troubles drain out with the bath water! As soon as you get out – before you even dry off – rub your entire body down with your favorite body oil or moisturizer. This is a great time to use body oil because you’re going to get optimal absorption and oils tend to remain on the skin longer. Re-hydrate from the inside too – a big glass of cold water is a must after detoxing.

A soak in the tub is a great way to steal some me-time. You are reaping some kind of benefit even if the process isn’t the “perfect bath” every time. Our bodies work hard for us. When we take the time to show it a little appreciation – we will receive it back tenfold.

You are worthy. ❤

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