Mom the Magic Maker

Mama, you are the magic maker this time of year. You are the planner, the shopper and the coordinator. Maybe you’re the doer too, the wrapper, the hostess, the fun provider.

It’s especially easy to forget yourself in all the chaos. When your to do list is miles long there’s certainly no room for just another task.

Let me invite you to see yourself as graciously as you do everyone else this time of year. You are not another task. Your needs matter too. You may get overwhelmed and need a break as much as your kids do. I know you’re putting in extra hours at your job or at your home preparing for the end of the year and the holidays on top of that.

Remember sweet mama, your kids will not remember all the gifts they got this year, how perfectly the house was decorated or how many activities they went to.

They will remember the special traditions that create memories and the sense of warmth and happiness flowing through their home this time of year. Do a few special things that make you all happy – including you! Forget the rest of it. Spend more time in each other’s company & in your cozy home. That’s where the real magic is anyway.

You matter,

❤ MA

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