The View is Worth the Climb

You’ll stand at the bottom of your mountain and dread the climb. You’ll make a list of how to do it. You’ll talk about it with a friend. You’ll complain about it. You’ll read about it. And if you ever get around to actually conquering it…you’ll get to the top and see 50 more mountains to climb and then you’ll just give up right then & there.

But what you can’t see from the bottom is the view. If you never climb, you’ll miss all of the glory. You’ll miss all of the beauty. You’ll never know how amazing the other side is if you never even try.

The journey IS the experience. You have to just do it. You have to embrace who you want to be and forget everything else. Go for it. Do something messy. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Just focus on the one single mountain you’re trying to conquer and remember to enjoy the view.

Whatever it is you’re battling. Whatever mountain you’re facing. You’ve got this. Mama, YOU are in control. Yes it may be hard. Yes it may be unfair. But if you make it your prerogative and your choice to keep going, keep pushing, keep climbing – you’ll eventually get to the top and see the purpose.

You can do this,

MA ❤

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