So Long 2019, Hindsight’s 2020

I sit here tonight, in my PJs at 9:30 PM on New Years Eve, Chris Tomlin playing in my ear and the occasional pop of fireworks from outside breaking though. I have zero desire to be anywhere else. I thought about going somewhere, celebrating with friends or family, but then I decided that celebrating quietly and cozied up at home, preparing my heart and mind for a new year sounds down right perfect.

There’s something about this transition that feels different to me. Do you feel it too? Maybe it’s just the idea that it’s the end of a decade. Or that the year 2020 has been referenced in so many shows and movies in our lifetime that it seems impossible that we all actually made it here. Whatever it is, I feel good about it. I always get the new year bug – it’s just in my blood to plan, prepare and dream for new possibilities and there’s no better time to do that than January 1st. But this one is different. There’s desire burning in more of our hearts, there’s motivation seeping into everyone’s veins and there’s change on the horizon. I hope that 2020 is the year that we will continue to reference, whether in our own lives or in future shows and movies. The year when humanity shifted. The year when people remembered how to care for each other, stand up for themselves and go after their dreams. Those prayers, dreams and hopes you have for your children? We must show them how it’s done. It starts with us.

What’s the next decade look like for you? Don’t let another ten years of your life pass by where YOU didn’t decide how you were going to live it. Don’t let life continue to happen TO you. Instead, figure out how you can live your life as though it’s happening FOR you. Every obstacle is an opportunity. Every grievance a new chapter. Every shift a new path. You don’t have to play small. You don’t have to put yourself last. You don’t have to put up with anything that’s not serving you. You can become un-stuck. Un-broken. Un-apologetic for who you are.

For the rest of your life – you could be looking back to this change in yourself. This needed shift in your life. This transitional year. Hindsight really could be 2020 – are you ready?

You are worthy,
❤ MA

2020 is my year of growth. If you are ready for a change too, you can read more about my journey here and if you want – join me.

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