The Well Mom Club

I’ve been on this motherhood path almost 4 years now. It’s pretty curvy. There have been a lot of hills to climb. Even a few mountains. I’ve been stuck in the valleys for days, weeks, and a few months in the beginning. No matter how hard I try to keep going or rise above, the roots and rivers run deep on this path and sometimes I get stuck. Sometimes I think I’m drowning. But then I remember to look up. The sky is big, blue and full of endless opportunity. The pine tree forests still hold curiosity. The new landscape grows daily and I’m committed to walking this path back and forth, over and over, until I make sense of it all.

I’m a mother. But I’m also a daughter. Which means I’m still learning, growing and changing. I’m forever connected to my childhood self, the roots and the values that were instilled in me keep ahold of me with an un-yielding grip. And you know what? I’m not fighting that anymore. I’ve spent my whole life trying to be somebody, anybody, but me. I’m done with that. I’m walking this path again. But this time, instead of searching for a new one, or a better one, I’ll be noticing the one I’m on. I’ll be leading the way instead of following directions. I’ll be planting the landscape instead of watching it grow. I’ll be looking up more often. I’ll be sitting in the valleys, resting, relishing, knowing the mountains are coming again. I will be just fine. ❤

Mama, do you feel lost in motherhood sometimes? Guess what – secret’s out – we all do! Every single mother has no clue what she’s doing at some point. Even the ones who exude the confidence you wish you had, or use language you don’t have access to, or curate their family in ways you can’t fathom being real life. At the end of some really long, really hard days – we are all hopping on that struggle bus together. The more we admit to it – the better off we will all be!

This year – I am focusing on my own growth and transformation. Instead New Years Resolutions, I’m making commitments to myself. It’s against my usual nature to make myself a priority, but its a necessity. This will be the year I learn how to fill up my own cup over and over and over – so that I can continue to give myself to my loved ones, my passions and my goals over and over and over.

If you’re a member of The Well Mom Club – you have a front row seat to my transformation and that of other moms just like us. This year I want to provide you with something different. Something easy – but oh so worth the time. Each month we will pick a Word of the Month to focus on. This word will have something to do with Motherhood and Wellness – and you will be able to apply it’s meaning to your life in your own personal way. There’s no requirements for participation, no costs and you are not forced to share. I just want to provide the opportunity, the information and the support – the rest is up to you.

Here’s the scoop:
– Word of the month – a motherhood or wellness topic
– Weekly Love Letter with encouraging words, journal prompts, and
references to further expand on if interested – books, podcasts, scriptures,
wellness tips, etc..
– Weekly quote backgrounds for your use
– 1 Q&A type session each month within the Group
-Book Club – 3 books per month (you can read one or all) 2 books pertaining
to that month’s Word, and 1 fiction book for fun – we will have a couple
discussions on these books within the group if you’d like to participate or
-Community – when you have something you want to change – there is no
better way to do than with a group of like-minded people surrounding and
rallying around you.

More than anything – I wish for every mother to have a tribe they can count on.<3

We would love to have you – come join us here. If you have any questions or hesitations to share – you can reach me here.

You ARE worthy,
❤ MA

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