Present for Thanksgiving

I’m not sure how many years I’ve blazed through a Holiday without even looking up. Especially since having kids, it’s way easier to focus on the hard stuff. Traveling with babies is hard, being on vacation with babies is hard and then transitioning back to normal life after the vacation is hard. And forget trying to sleep or get any alone time.

But if I choose to stay in the hard, I miss all of the good stuff. Not only from my own perspective, but I forget to let my children have their own experiences. If I focus on the vacation being hard and the negative side of all of it, I project that energy out and onto my family. I don’t want to influence their experience that way, because these experiences are memories they’ll have from their own childhood. Childhood holiday memories are among my own favorite, and I definitely want my children to have the same chance. 

Through all of the hard parts this Thanksgiving, let’s remember to look for the joy. It’s so easy to get sucked in by other people’s negative energy, the crazy schedules and the overwhelm of being the memory maker in your family. Slow down. Sit down. Put your phone away and look at your family’s faces. Burn these precious memories into your brain.

Your presence is your greatest joy and your greatest gift.

The Well Mom Co

Have a wonderful holiday!

❤ MA

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