Guided Postpartum Program

Loving Mom WELL is a guided 6 week fourth trimester program for mothers in the early postpartum stage. This program focuses on nourishing the mother through physical and emotional support, nutrition and wellness as well as recognizing and connecting her with any additional physical or mental health support she may need.

The first 6 weeks of Postpartum is such a fragile window of time. In some countries this period of 40 days is even considered sacred, as it should be! There’s a new baby to care for, love on and learn all about.

There is also a new mother that needs to be cared for, loved on, guided and supported through her own motherhood transition. Whether this is your 1st baby or your 5th, postpartum is a vulnerable time and you deserve to be cared for, too!

This 6 week postpartum program will launch in early Winter 2022 once I have completed my Postpartum Doula Certification. If your baby is due in January 2022 and beyond and you would like to sign up for this program please fill out the form below. This program can be customized to meet your individual needs and can happen in person (if you’re local to me) or online.

Hey there – I’m Coach Mary Alice!

I have a heart for supporting and loving on mothers. I want every single woman I meet to know her own worth, and I feel called to help mothers navigate that process. I am a mother myself and I have been on my own journey to wellness for several years. I have had to re-learn and re-imagine what my own life looks like as a mom and as a woman. I’ve shed years of self-neglect, self-hate and self-sacrifice and traded it in for a life full of everything I love, including myself.

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