The Well Mom Club

I’ve been on this motherhood path almost 4 years now. It’s pretty curvy. There have been a lot of hills to climb. Even a few mountains. I’ve been stuck in the valleys for days, weeks, and a few months in the beginning. No matter how hard I try to keep going or rise above, the […]


Motivation to Get Moving

Whatever form of exercise you choose – moving your body is one of the most important practices you can do for your well-being and for your happiness. Daily movement reaps not only physical benefits – but mental benefits too. If you’re like me, the days you do get to move your body – those feel-good […]


“Hashtag” Goals

Does the thought of setting a goal bring up feelings of anxiety, overwhelm and failure? You’re not alone. I didn’t write my goals down for the longest time because I felt like writing them down only gave me a solid opportunity to fail when I didn’t achieve them. The expectations we put on ourselves are […]