Starting the Day with Lemon Water

Whether you’re a water drinker or not, adding a glass of lemon water to the start of your day is a quick and easy way to re-hydrate your body after sleep, before you start asking it to do things for you. Enjoy it over ice or room temperature – the point is to enjoy it! Not only is it bright and refreshing – it comes with a few health perks too.

Not that adding a lemon wedge to your water is some super secret that we’ve all been waiting for, but it is a good way to start a healthy day and it can be a refreshing ritual to wake up to.


Vitamin C – lemon water can be packed with this immune boosting vitamin, less the sugar and chemicals found in commercially prepared citrus drinks.

Hydration – jump starting your daily hydration with a glass or two of water in the morning is by far the biggest health benefit here – if throwing a lemon slice in makes that more desirable – then go for it!

Digestion – the acidity found in lemon water can aid in digestion by boosting your liver function during the digestive process.

Detoxification – regular elimination is important to your overall health. By aiding the liver in digestion and hydrating your body after sleeping – lemon water can also help promote detoxification through elimination.

Weight Loss Aid – staying hydrated is a key component in any weight loss plan. Swapping a cup of coffee or soda in the morning for a glass of lemon water will without a doubt be beneficial towards your weight loss efforts.

Buying Lemons

Lemons are available year round. When shopping, look for lemons with a deep yellow color and always buy organic if possible to avoid unnecessary chemicals. Thin-skinned lemons will be juicier and the greener ones are not yet ripe enough. The most common lemons in the U.S. are called Eureka lemons. You can also find another variety called Meyer Lemons – which have a sweeter, citrus-y taste and are a great way to shake up your lemon water routine.

Growing Lemons

It is possible to grow lemons in your own home or backyard. How amazing would that morning ritual be? Strolling outside in the early morning light to pick your very own fresh lemon for your glass of lemon water. No? Just my dream? I’ll fully own that. Talk about a great Circadian Rhythm ritual, too!

Lemon trees are highly sensitive to cold-temperatures – so where you live will definitely play a factor in whether you can grow them outdoors or not. If planting outside, plant them close to your house to aid in frost protection. Plant them in direct sunlight and keep the soil evenly moist.
If planting one inside, be sure to plant it in a well-draining container with adequate sunlight and only water when dry – hello, perfect houseplant. Growing them indoors reduces their height slightly, but I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing – unless you’re just into that forest-look for home decor.

Lemon Water Add-Ins

Want to shake things up in your glass even more? Here are some additional health-benefiting ingredients you can stir in:

Mint Leaves
Peeled slices of Ginger or ground Ginger
Ground Turmeric
Lime Slices
Strawberry Slices
Cucumber Slices
Cinnamon sticks or ground Cinnamon
Apple Cider Vinegar

However you decide to enjoy your Lemon water, just enjoy it! Morning rituals should bring grounding and joy to your entire day and give you something to look forward to when you wake up.

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